<p>the type of art materials, three are in line with the standards on the basis of the full flavor, there is charm, to achieve the sublimation from the arts to the arts). Two, Lohan bed prices believe that many friends are concerned about the price of Lohan bed. Superior rock bed products are generally made of mahogany furniture, and the market is a lot of antique Lohan bed material is relatively weak, the price of nature </p>
<p>also has some differences. 1, on the market cheap rock bed price is below three thousand yuan. This ocean bed in the material and workmanship are relatively poor. 2, the common rock bed price is between 5000-10000 yuan, this kind of ocean bed belongs to the solid wood ocean bed, the collection value is not high. The price of 3, red rosewood, rosewood and other classical mahogany furniture is </p>
<p>relatively higher, the general price tens of thousands. 4, if it is a very valuable collection of Lohan bed, the price is good, hundreds of thousands are very common. Three, put the arhat bed generally the arhat bed in the hall Chen hospitality, placed in the middle of a few, on both sides of the laying cushion, elegant style, shape solemn, is very exquisite hall furniture. With random in use, or outdoor or indoor, a fixed </p>
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