Broncos linebacker Mays attempt to There can be many challenging matchups in the AFC than a linebacker trying to hang with Patriots tight end extraordinaire Rob Gronkowski. I would say some sort of 6 foot 6, 240 pound Gronkowski is just a second year player from the University of Arizona but already ranks one of the greatest. His 71 receptions ranks third among NFL low ends, Hiding of New Orleans Jimmy Graham(80) And vinings Tony Gonzalez(73).

Just try to obtain him as soon as you can, Mays believed of Gronkowski. Look at) Jam him exactly in danger, Time-consuming him down, Slow his impetus down, Just make Tom Brady look someplace else. That what we going to try to begin week, And hopefully it utilizes us. We bound to try to work hard to get that done.

Joe can cover Gronk way short, And not fast enough Brady has to do, If he sees the matchup(Which i don reckon that he will), Is throw the ball up high jam him on the line can do that'll be all over the field on Sunday and will draw Gronk on a few occasions Hernandez maybe even some Welker i believe Goody and Harris can do the job on Wes the triumverate of linebackers can take the tight end on(Burns, Williams, Mays), And a minimum of slow them down, Or disrupt their timing is the plan to slam Tom Beatchy to the floor Broncos,

The REDSKINS almost beat last weekend Shannahan has ALWAYS had Bilichicks number the Colts hung in there too talk to me about back door coveres either New England defense is crap we all know defense wins championships cannot have a shootout every weekend and come out on top look at New orleans go ahead and sleep on the Broncos coming to OUR house at mile high if you haven noticed don care what everyone else thinks is wrong you are wrong to think that the Broncos don have a chance always have a chance they believe it New England not afraid of the big bad wolf

Joe mays will have hes hands full along with all broncos def ya patriots have best tied ends in nfl but broncos will be up for this game if von miller can get to brady earley and often along with elvis there speed will rattle brady fox will need hes nascar defense to have there best game tebow and the running game will help the defense tebow will have both the running game and passing game going vs patriots defense its the patriots offense that has me concern but additionally this team will fight for 60 mins or longer maybe cosbywill return one to the house

Denver has no chance your Pats, The games that they won they had bum QB and have to hang about until the 4th qtr to win it Muhammad Wilkerson Jersey. This is Tom Brady that we are referring to here, If you stop Gronk how will you stop Hernandez whom by the way is the foremost receiver? I can see VM progressing to Brady maybe twice, But it's well known that D cannot hold the Pats down for 60 minutes. It take Tebow more then 2 pass completions to the fatigue Pats I can guarentee that! Pats will take the Bronces out of cloud 9 and back to reality win by more then 10 EASY,

Not a chance the cheaters have almost the worst defense in the league and we have the most recognized rushing offense. I bet we get at the least 3 turnovers! And our number 1 rushing offense is gonna put some things up on the board against a struggling almost dead last defense! And I don think anyone that is a pats fan wants to discuss how great brady was in superbowls that shouldn and wouldn have been won since they cheated and spied on the other teams. Shame on you cheaters for attempting to make us all have respect for something that was not truely EARNED! Btw we are 12 2 on the cheaters at home will not beat us in our house, Start BRONCOS,

And yes he will be on the roster next season guy played his way onto the team last year Custom Jets jersey, And played well enuff for Fox to keep him is a really heavy hitter, And is great through the run you compare him to those other old guys(Pat Willis apart), I dunno been on the sidelines for months ain what he had previously been, And wasn able to beat the Broncos by himself a week ago, Lol brings me to my other point a team game plays within that can understand the arrogance of the Patriots fans denver is no joke, And will have VERY hard for 60 minutes if we close in the fourth know the rest defense has been playing lights out, And there no reason to trust they stop because Tom crying game Brady and his boys are coming to town Von and Elvis have any success will be whining and begging for flags I say they do

Have their number is way beyond less relevant. After pumping the Jets by 42 in Week 13, The Patriots were thumped 5 weeks later by the identical Jets. All the games(Not as much new seasons) Differ. Brady 1 5 record against Denver means zero on Sunday.

And in all seriousness, Colts hung in just like inaccurate. It was 31 3 commencing the 4th quarter. To tell the truth passive play calling( 5 runs/1 pass on two three and outs in their final two stuff) Was as much one factor as any. Nonetheless the Patriots D is lousy, Undoubtedly, And that cause the Broncos have a shot Sunday.

The point everyone in Denver is missing would be Patriots defense has been saddled by the most injuries to starters of any team in the NFL. Immediately they get back a few and next week more. They have been holding out a few who would be playing if they were in the race for a playoff spot but they're pretty well set on making the playoffs so they want everyone totally healthy when they begin. The attachment site you folks do not see is, Yes they give us thousands of yards between the 20 but look at their ranking when entering into points allowed. Other teams march down the area, Only to be stuffed and be satisfied with a field goal. Now teacher B. Is getting his starters back and he will be able to play his defense the way he had planned at the start of the year only to then hope and pray with second and third tier players until his starters got back. The Patriots don't get close to winning the Super Bowl, But neither is denver colorado. Hold back until Denver plays a Pittsburgh, Baltimore or oriental Bay. Then it could be LIGHTS OUT for Tebew