<p>In the conserve that occupy the home, it is current that outfit of 3 minutes of shops maintains 7 minutes the principle with accepted bound of outfit study at school. The floor is very big running stores, the laid of the floor and cost are very expensive, accordingly we want to maintain meticulously after the floor has been spread.polymer decking price Israel Foot of real wood floor feels comfortable, colour of primitive simplicity is beautiful, add many domestic warmth. And appear the real wood floor of enervated needs host more ferial in had done real wood floor 5 be on guard greatly . </p>
<p>1, real wood floor maintains beard attention is waterproof</p>
<p>Monsoon should close good window, avoid to wave rain, once real wood floor touchs water carelessly, want to use dishcloth wipe up in time, keep dry. When cement floor returns water moisture, cause mildew and rot of real wood floor very easily degenerative,advanced building cladding materials warp is bouffant wait for a problem, answer to solve the problem of the moisture that return water in time, when necessary, rebuild change floor of filling fact wood. </p>
<p>2, real wood floor maintains must note fire prevention</p>
<p>The stub that will not go out at will and match lever are lost on real wood floor; places the article such as rice cooker of electric stove, report, electric iron, electric iron, must want to have prevent light, prevent the such as very hot mat to cannot keep clear of with benzine the bilge on real wood floor, chafe in case generation is electrostatic, cause fire. </p>
<p>3, real wood floor maintains must notice to prevent damage</p>
<p>Solid Mudebanye allows easy damage. Even if the pettiest grey gravel, after a considerable period of time wears away easily also the grain of its surface and color, leave a mark. If already had grey gravel,wpc composite marine flooring want to use half wet dishcloth in time to wipe. Had better be to change reentrance of soft bottom slipper indoor. There is the article of edges and corners next, do not place directly operate on real wood floor. </p>
<p>4, real wood floor maintains must notice to prevent bilge</p>
<p>If be the general dirt that water-solubility material keeps, but first wipe floating dust, dip in with dishcloth next on the strong tea, orange skin water that clean out makings water or immerses with orange skin is wiped.indoor wood deck albedo If be the bilge of the not easy purify such as coating of sweet glue of phlegmy mark, mouth, greasepaint, must not be eager to be being wiped with benzine brush, the property that must distinguish bilge carefully decides to adopt different method and different cleaner to clear again. Make clear to doing not have the cleaner of its chemistry, also cannot use at will, lest produce unripe chemistry with paint,react and cause the loss of real wood floor. What do not hurt paint film with easy caustic is hard implement or cutting tool goes floor of spatula real wood. </p>
<p>5, real wood floor maintains the attention is prevented bask in</p>
<p>Real wood floor is in the floor is familial in the position is the the most celebrated, most exalted, be disturbed the most easily also at the same time by outside ambient, when humidity, temperature happening changes, appear the most easily be out of shape, the phenomenon such as craze. Real wood floor likes temperature the following, humidity is in 8 ℃ the environment between 50%~70% . Below the circumstance that warms up in winter terrestrial heat, because dehydrate,real wood floor is met and contract, joining together aperture increases, at this moment, want of film of face of the &ldquo; on real wood floor to hit solid candle. Before waxing, wipe real wood floor clean first, next even daub candle of a solid, brightness is wiped with soft cloth after working a bit with respect to OK. Always be stationed in to make &ldquo; of real wood floor green, the proposal waxes every year twice. </p>