<p>The composite floor after installation appears the difficult problem that trigonometry aperture is floor after service, also be composite floor a kind when in complaining, see more quite, 400 Sq Ft Trex Fencing this kinds of problem produces in installation process sometimes, have a plenty of what discover in use process. The manufacturing process of the floor, installation process and use undeserved the generation that can bring about trigonometry to seam. </p>

<p>1, floor preform preserve one's health is unreasonable</p>
<p>Before the floor is opening tenon, the preform that answers a floor undertakes preserve one's health is handled, the purpose is the moisture content that balances preform, eliminate the stress of preform, reduce a floor board be out of shape.how much composite decking for a octagon picnic table But, floor preform is in because the process of preserve one's health piles up unreasonable, in board battlements most outboard floor preform may appear a side moisture content is high (outside side) , a side moisture content is low (inside) , after the floor opens tenon, often be quality inspection personnel won't examine a problem. </p>
<p>The geometrical dimension of the floor is OK requirement of up to mark. Leave in the use process of the user or floor when the floor after box sets period of time, floor imbibe is balanced afresh, a side imbibe with high moisture content is little, expand a side imbibe with low moisture content of quantity small; is much, expand the amount is large, bring about the length that the floor grows a border twice to differ, make triangle of floor termination generation is seamed, serious when the floor can produce side turn. </p>
<p>Preserve one's health is unreasonable the characteristic that causes trigonometry to meet is as follows: </p>
<p>After A) floor is installed, seam without trigonometry,Make Cheap Playhouse For Kids Outdoor happens after use period of time</p>
<p>The moisture content of ground batten both sides that B) test has trigonometry to seam is consistent;</p>
<p>After C) floor ravels, moistureproof film already used waterproof adhesive plaster stick severe. </p>
<p>2, place of moistureproof film coupling breathes freely the odd side that cause expands</p>
<p>The coupling of moistureproof film when composite floor is installed is in not useful and waterproof adhesive plaster to stick severe, a side of the floor is above moistureproof film, a side is in the coupling place of moistureproof film.lumber plastic furniture scratch decking Because the coupling of moistureproof film is in not useful and waterproof adhesive plaster to stick,father, humidity change is entered bring about edge of this side floor to lengthen, the length of two of the floor long sides varies, make triangle of floor termination generation is seamed. </p>
<p>The characteristic of this kind of circumstance is: </p>
<p>After D) floor is installed, seam without trigonometry, ; happens after use period of time</p>
<p>The two side moisture content of E) ground batten is abhorrent, differ commonly 2% above;</p>
<p>Moistureproof film is not useful and waterproof it is thus clear that after F) floor ravels adhesive plaster is stuck severe. </p>
<p>This kind of problem is complained in floor triangle aperture take up the scale that comparative, moistureproof film must be stuck with waterproof adhesive plaster severe, ensure airtight, can avoid the generation of the problem. </p>