Barcelona this week will be at home in the face of the league squad leader Osasuna, now the bottom of the Pamplona Corps in the Nou Camp is very low. And coach Vasil Hewitch said in an interview that Messi is hard to prevent, must rely on pistols and handcuffs.
"I said before, fifa ultimate team coins in order to limit the Macey must bring pistols and handcuffs, Messi is now the world's best player, he has used action and achievements to prove this point. Sometimes Messi may not be in the state, but Change the game only takes 10 minutes, he is a genius, but Osasuna has a plan to limit Messi.
Will it be upset in the Nou Camp? fut coins "We have to fight for the results of the Nou Camp, and we know that the opponents that the future league will face are already in a very good state and only for the final championship," Vasil Hewitch said. They played well, and each player has the ability to decide the game instantly. "
Finally, Vasilhevich said: "They win in the Bernabeu after the league rekindle hope hope, in front of home fans have been unable to accept the results of losing points.Although Osasuna has a lot of casualties, but we in the Nou Camp Will not easily disarm, contraction defensive is a good result.