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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules

    "We are created equal in the real world. But in this online world, how you conduct yourself, does make a difference.
    Be sensible, helpful and cordial and you may rise to newer heights. Or, you can choose to be silly, rude or an ass, in that case your life may be short in this part of the world. "

    1. General conduct
      1. Crude insults using profanity or unnecessary provocation directed towards a forum member will be subject to editing/removal.
      2. Posts suggesting discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age or spoken language will not be tolerated.
      3. Discouraging other members from posting or using other features of the forums is not allowed.
      4. Quoting a post then altering the message to say something the OP didn't actually say is not allowed. Also, making your own quote and adding someone elses name to it is not allowed.
      5. Use of the mod warning function from a non-moderator or admin is strictly prohibited.
      6. Infractions are to be kept between mods/admins and the person infracted. Posting of received infractions will result in further punishment.

    2. Off-topic
      1. Any posts that do not pertain to the topic of the original poster (OP) will be subject to editing/deletion or removal to an off-topic section. All off-topic discussions should be made in the Miscellaneous sections of the forum

    3. Signature
      1. All forum signatures must be of reasonable length and height, as to not cause excessive scrolling or a change in page layout.
      2. Offensive or discriminatory signatures may be subject to editing.

    4. Advertising and Spam
      1. All forum members should avoid multiple consecutive postings and instead edit their original post using the "Edit" button
      2. No explicit or indirect advertising of any products, brands, websites or services.

    Ignoring the forum rules may lead to temporary/permanent suspension from the forums or the citation of infractions. Infractions are worth a different amount of points depending on the violation. Receiving multiple infractions may lead to your account losing posting privelages. Warnings aren't worth any infraction points. Both of these are issued through the private messaging system.

    We'll be adding more sections and guidelines as needed in the future.
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    Forum rules updated (9/28/2010) - Format kept
    -MetalSlug (Xfire: siiniiister)

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