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[Skyrim Mod] Hunter's Shack

[Skyrim Mod] Hunter's Shack
[Skyrim Mod] Hunter's Shack (0 min 51 sec)
05-28-2014 at 11:37 PM
Uploaded by TheQueenMedic

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User comments: This is mine.

This is just a simple Hunter's Shack with all skill/crafting stuff outside along with various plants and mushrooms. There's fish, all sorts of meats and there's even a nice area to sit underneath a tree to watch the sun set over the mountains. Inside of the shack, there's a /lot/ of animal heads, a shrine to Kyne, several storage spaces and racks, a desk with nice aesthetics, a bed, and little knick-knacks/clutter along with a cooking area and a table with dinner on it. There's a custom book that grants a sneaking level as well titled "Hunter's Guide To Skyrim" that is wonderfully cheesy and lore friendly. Anyway, the shack is very simple, and the door is already unlocked for you. Happy hunting!

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