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Kutiniao will transfer to Barca

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According to "Aspen" reported fifa coins that Kutiniao will "in the next few days or even hours" to transfer to Barcelona, and Liverpool has been a good substitute for its appearance.
Nemal left the team, Barcelona began to find a substitute for his national team friend Kutiniao is one of them. "Aspen newspaper" quoted ESPN reported that Kutiniao transfer Barcelona news is expected in the next few days or even within a few hours to be confirmed.
Yesterday's "World Sports Daily" has reported that Barcelona is confident to 100 million euros to get the price of Kudiniao. British "Mirror" said that Barvard's team will offer £ 120 million for the Brazilian international.
ESPN also said that Liverpool has been identified as a substitute for Kutiniao, they took a fancy to the West Ham array of Ranzini. fifa 18 coins But the London Evening News recently reported that hammers did not intend to let go of Ranzini, which was not in line with their plans for success in the new season.
In addition to Kutiniao, Barcelona's current signings also include the Royal Social Defender Inigo Martinez and the Dorian striker Osman Dumbler. Up to now, Barcelona this summer has repurchased Deu Luo Fei Wu, and from Benfica signed Seymour.

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