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Shox: great director needs to inculcate team spirit to teammates

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Q: North is confident of the next game, cs go Giveaways and my other players and G2 talked about their views on North, how do you think of them?

Shox: they are too arrogant, in my opinion, electronic sports like a big family, in the game together to enjoy the fun, although the enemy, but should respect each other and so on. But they do not do that, I do not know why, but they really do.

Q: What is the quality of the great team command?

Shox: Want to be a good conductor, you have to be very calm, you must set an example for all the players. If the command lost to give up, then all the players will become lost to give up. You have to give the team the best place to make sure they fit the position. In addition, we must give the players inculcate us is a team of ideas, this is not a person's game, we struggle for the same goal, we must work together. I think this is the most important.

Q: How did you do the command and also have good personal data?

Shox: I am not very clear that at present my ability to command is not as good as personal ability. So now i do not think i'm doing very well I command just one year, in my opinion the team won, I do not care about someone killed or even killed four, cs go Werbegeschenke this is a team game.

Q: how do you see Smithzz?

Shox: Smithzz probably ten years ago was my best friend, and he made a lot of effort for the team. He needs some experience because he is kind, such as he is a very good and cool person, do not like to persecute others or other; so if you want to be a coach, sometimes you need to sing "white face" to force the player The Sometimes you need to make a real reason, or something like that, but he is used to doing so. This is his personal character, he is trying to do so. It is not bad at all, but he needs to take some coaching training. He is trying to be a good "bad man".

Q: the use of fixed stations or loose defense through the situation to the contingency command. Which strategy is better and why?

Shox: You can not always try a tactic, you can turn the middle or change the style. But you can not always do so, the other teams will be targeted. A good tactic will work for some time, but then people will see DEMO, the team has a lot of coaches and analysts. So the other team will know how you do, where the weaknesses. Developing a good tactic every month requires too much work, which can not be done. So you need to play a lot of mid-term bureau and get control.

Q: Who is the morale of the team? Who in the team so that everyone happy to cheer up in the game to maintain a good state?

Shox: it must be Smithzz, he is the link of the team. When you need to be motivated or something like that, he is encouraged by the team.

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