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  1. Olof’s intervie

    Fnatic team known as the "universe team", cs go Roulette Seite the team core Olofmeister is undoubtedly the core of the team players, inside and outside the fans have numerous fans in China Olof also has a lot of loyalty powder, Q received fnatic China official invitation to this popular And the strength of the superstar with an exclusive interview! Let us listen to Olofmeister for China, for CSGO view.

    About China

    Q: Which Chinese team left you with the deepest ...
  2. BnTeT: Hoping to learn more from G2 and FaZe

    Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand just on behalf of the old club Recca clan in Australia won the ZEN league title, during which he accepted a foreign reporter's interview, talked about his next two important events expected.
    We first talk about your transfer from Recca to TYLOO process, at first how did you start to contact?
    The beginning is SOMEBODY in Steam asked me if I want to join TYLOO, that time I was very interested, then their manager KIndy ...
  3. Shox: great director needs to inculcate team spirit to teammates

    Q: North is confident of the next game, cs go Giveaways and my other players and G2 talked about their views on North, how do you think of them?

    Shox: they are too arrogant, in my opinion, electronic sports like a big family, in the game together to enjoy the fun, although the enemy, but should respect each other and so on. But they do not do that, I do not know why, but they really do.

    Q: What is the quality of the great team command?

    Shox: Want to be ...
  4. New tactics is coming, but old teams are fading(A)

    Do not bring us countless passion, countless moving old clan is quietly falling it? Or the current tactical flow has changed, only fresh blood can keep fresh drip?

    Recently VP in 0: 2 loss to PENTA, forced to fall into ESEA Premier, and then my friend pasha is also issued a tweet: brother, how are we in the end

    Pasha this push is certainly the status of the recent downturn with the VP can not get off the relationship, and my friend at this time the mood that, and ...
  5. Real Madrid is seeking for Feereira’s substitute

    This summer, Real Madrid will certainly happen no small change, regardless of the frontcourt or the backcourt will have a lot of players to leave, naturally there will be new people to join. In the central defender position, the Portuguese player Pepe's contract will expire after the end of the season, although the players expressed their hope to stay in Real Madrid, but due to the contract period and salary can not reach an agreement, Pepe left Real Madrid is a foregone conclusion , And Real Madrid ...
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